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It was a new day in the city of ponyville all usually got up and went to his work, but a young unicorn and was in her room, Alternate Dawn, a handsome guy  at first sight of any mare, even for being the son friendship princess gave him some popularity, if it were not for the way he does his research.

On the other hand, Sparity was waking up in the renewed botic carousel, a beautiful hybrid dragon pony, in same case at first sight but do not be fooled by appearances this girl can be tough when she proposes.

After that kiss that Alternate Dawn stole from her to create a ID magic card, that leave her much thinking about him, she didn't know whether to be, angry or completely crazy for him, by other way Alternate Dawn seemed not worry about that, and just continue with his investigation of that pony.

-mmm this is weird- the Unicorn said to himself while he watching the cards he got from Sparity -apparently I missed data, this will be difficult mmm I do not think she likes to kiss again.

-Ooh by Celestia what I gonna do? I can't stop thinking about him- Sparity said a little angry, she walked into the kitchen where his father Spike was making dinner, -What's wrong my gem? you see something in frustration- spike asked -I'm upset about what happened with Alternate Dawn- Sparity clenching his teeth

While in Twilight’s Castle Alternate Dawn having breakfast with his mother, and Alternate was still watching the ID cards, -What happened sweetie? - her mother asked with worried - 'It's nothing mother is only that something is missing me- Twilight observe her son and she could see that his son kept seeing Sparity's ID cards, -Ooh I see what happens hihi, you fell for Sparity- Twilight gives a mocking laugh, -What! No! But what are you saying mother- Alternate Dawn blushed, -just look at you, you don't stop seeing these cards, the whole time you bring with you, you should stop seeing these things, and go ask her to go out with you, what could go wrong?

After a long discussion Twilight sent his son to the market town for some apples with Apple Eden, as he walked along the road with his magic he even levitated the cards, and although his view seemed obstructed by the cards he knew where he was walking and he didn't crash with anyone,  meanwhile Sparity was looking out the window of her room when she saw pass Alternate and she could see what Alternate levitated her cards, - is what I think it is?- Sparity wondered, -yes he is watching my cards!- says with a hint of emotion.

when Alternate hit the market he saw that Apple Eden was not at her post of apples, the strange thing is that her post was open and there were apples in the baskets, -How weird?, Apple Eden does not usually leave their post open and full of apples as, mmmm sure she found another lost soul, well I'll take what I need and leave the money with a note- and he did so he left the money with a note saying what he took, he put the apples in his saddlebag and  he goes home.

Surprisingly his way to home precisely he chrash with Sparity, the shock made them both fall to the ground being in an embarrassing position, Sparity was above of Alternate Dawn, both by seeing their eyes were on a slight silence, but that silence was broken when she saw the cards on the ground, she began to get angry.

-¡you has Been seeing these cards all this time instead of talking to me - with an annoyed tone

-Wait, I can explain - the unicorn said a little bit nervous - I was just watching some details of the cards are not complete-

-What do you mean they are not complete I thought you said that was all you needed- her anger grew a little more, It was when she pulled out her gem and became his dragon form, she growled seeing him in the eyes.

-yes I know I promised not to do it again but ... - a flare passes through one side of him burning ID cards - but why did you do that? You just burn the…
-Yes and? I really do not like to see more that things than me - said in a tone annoying voice but with a capricious lady - well what have these cards that I do not?

-Do you really want me to answer that? - Asked sarcastically the unicorn - better not say anything else, for one part the reason I see a lot of these cards is ....- blushes slightly and says with a faint voice - you have a very sexy plot

-What you said?- Sparity asked and blushed a little

-That you have a very sexy...plot -  saying this Alternate Dawn closed his eyes expecting a blow, but instead of receiving a blow, felt his lips were pressed by other lips, and when he opened his eyes saw Sparity was already kissing him.

Can we go somewhere a little more private? - Completely flushed he looked into the eyes of that handsome unicorn

Saying this Sparity moves over off Alternate and she helped him up, they went to the  ponyville library where things would get more intense, when he closing the front door Sparity’s long tail step below Alternate’s chin, she was still in her dragon form, the feeling of attraction was strong, Sparity went upstairs and  behind of her where Alternate drawn to the charm.

Upon arrival to the room above,Sparity is placed on top  again of Alternate but not in a threatening but rather romantic and tender way, but she has control over him, but Alternate did not seem nervous, he seemed to feel something sincere in it, to see those beautiful shining emerald eyes, he felt his heart race more and more, and this made him wonder that her mother was right, he feels something very strong for Sparity.

Sparity again very passionately kisses Alternate, he shared the kiss, and when he want to take the head of Sparity, she took the Alternate's legs with their claws and slowly all the way through her back down to his flanks, that made him blush, -I know you like my plot and you better touch it rather than just admire - said Sparity flushed with an exciting edge to his voice.

They kissed once again and when they break the kiss a string of drool is falling of both lips, then Alternate Dawn began kissing Sparity's neck in a smooth and exciting way, she gave those little groans and her breathing sounded agitated, she dropped her body on him, Alternate could resist because it is not very heavy and were comfortable, the kisses and caresses were beginning to run short, both were beginning to feel the temperature increased more and more, was at that moment felt something touching Sparty's flank, something long and hard, and Alternate felt something wet and warm in his belly, both were once again at the face and they both smiled, - Alternate I have had these feelings for you after those kisses and has not spent a single day that I can´t stop thinking about you. - Sparity said seeing him to his eyes.

-I would not like to admit it, but my mother was right, Sparity I'm in love with you, I never stopped thinking about you, your captivated me with your personality and beauty ... - his words were interrupted by a claw on his lips, - Yeah, I figured when I saw you go through the market - Sparity only smiled lifting his front, she sat between the hind legs of Alternate, she felt the excited penis of Alternate rubbing against their flanks, Alternate could see his beloved's vagina was wet and he wanted to help moisten further, but for the moment he could only watch as she rubbed her ass on his penis, that's make the Unicorn gave groan for that sensation, for that groan she opened her eyes and saw that Alternate pulled his tongue.

She stood for a moment and from her saddlebag and pulled out a collar and leash and placed to him, -It's time to move to a new level - Sparity said in a lustful tone, and Alternate only saw a little confused and excited too, she was placed in the position of 69 she was still above to him, she gave to Alternate what he wanted but without her noticing, Sparity take that cock with his claws and began to masturbate him slowly, this sensation was extremely awesome to Alternate, it was a totally new and exciting fully sensation.

- Aaaahh for Celestia´s sake!!! this feels so awesome - He said after giving that great groan, sticks out his tongue, then Sparity  pulled the belt so hard that the open mouth of Alternate  crashed into her pussy - Do something you too, don't make expect a lady - she said in a dominant voice, he just look at her and started licking her pussy with longest licked  and penetrating movements, that made her squeeze his penis with one paw, but with one claw she could not do everything, so with that claw held the penis firmly and began to lick the bottom up constantly, while Alternate licked her clitoris, he knew that's where one of the sensitive spots of the females, when Sparity feel that pushed a little bit the belt  putting the muzzle of Alternate Dawn in her vagina, that made her moan loud.

After a few minutes making 69 was time to reposition, Sparity turned getting in front of Alternate's dick , she again began to lick it from below but on reaching on top of the dick, she put his full penis in her mouth and she started sucking it, and that left Alternate fully in heaven and even more when she started to make a deep gorge, when she finished she said -well that left him very well lubricated -She stands up and pulls the strap he also lifted, and he did, she went to bed and put a half of her body, the front of her body is lying in the bed and the front of her body is lying in the bed and the back part was out of the bed step with her tail retracted showing all her charm, Alternate saw what Sparity wanted, without thinking much he mount her and had his penis rubbing her pussy before penetration, just waiting for the signal from his beloved - Take Me Alternate Dawn -It was then that he entered strongly and put all his cock in her pussy and he started humping with fast and smooth movements, this made Sparity moaned loudly, she tightened the claws on the sheets of the bed, the feeling of pleasure they both felt became noticeable in their moans, -¡¡¡ahh harder my prince harder Aaahh !!! - Sparity scream between gasps and moans then pulled Alternate belt making get up one of his hind legs on the bed and stick to it more to go at a faster pace, so he began to feel was coming, but he wanted his beloved to come along with him, so he kept his pace and tried another sensitive spot of females and in this case are the ears, without stopping he approached as he could to her and began biting the tip of the right ear of Sparity with gently and tenderly, this worked surprisingly she began to cum, her vaginal juices jumped to each hump of her stallion, -ahhh I ... I'm about to cum !!! She screamed, Alternate stop biting -aahhh m ... me too Aahh!!! and both were cuming in unison with great intensity that Sparity launched fire to the ceiling and the horn of Alternate Dawn a plasma shoot with sparkler, the library looks like firework stadium, embraced both fell to the ground and both fell asleep.

In all the time that lasted making love they never realized that Aerial Ace saw the whole show, his face was redder than freshly cut a ripe apple, all she could say was-and this is how the female dominates male -

the end
Dominate or be dominated
Well this is a fic for contest of  :iconvavacung: about a romanse between their two characters, Alternate Dawn and Sparity i hope you like it 

contains strong sexual themes so read it at your own risk, I hope you enjoy it, go through some problems with this fic I explain another time

please comment and favorite if the fic like you thanks

Alternate dawn, Sparity and draw by :iconvavacung:

fic writen by me


fernando but call me fercho
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
este soy yo :iconferchocity:
pue estos son mis mejores amigos de DA



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Favourite genre of music: power metal and electro
MP3 player of choice: cell phone
Favourite cartoon character: capitan rex of the star wars the clone wars

  • How long have you been on DeviantArt?

    5 years ago 

  • What does your username mean?

    well becase is a diminutive of my name fernando, fercho and here my ID is like my city so ferchocity 

  • Describe yourself in three words.

    active, friendly, a good friend

  • Are you left or right handed?

    Right handed

  • What was your first deviation?

    my first denviation was delated a long time ago but this is now my first story write 


  • What is your favourite type of art to create?

    I love to write and draw

  • If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

    Digital art and comics

  • What was your first favourite? this one of my favorite artist :iconshalonesk:

    Fire in the hole by shaloneSK

  • What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

    DERPY and Doctor Whooves, Cynder and Spyro 

  • Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

    :icondoktor-savage: and :iconshalonesk:

  • If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

    :iconalexlive97: :iconpapao156: :icongryndra: :iconestevangel: :iconnamygaga: :icon1shadynight: :iconrazor-zyrak: :iconkalexshi: i wana meet him soo much but i can´t :iconmetalfoxxx: :iconyorialu: :iconysulyan: :iconshalonesk: :icondoktor-savage: 

  • How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

    Well, I've made a lot of friends good friends to share  laugh mking RP and more 

  • What are your preferred tools to create art?

    Pencil, paper and a computer to write 

  • What is the most inspirational place for you to create art? 

  • My school some times 

  • What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?  

  • my favorite DeviantArt memory was when I first SingIn, that was the best time 

  • Listening to: Dragon ball all openings
  • Reading: La Metamorfosis de Frakns Kafca
  • Watching: Doctor Who
  • Playing: Battlefield 4 and GTA V
  • Eating: camarones
  • Drinking: caffe

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